Camp - Jaguar Adventure - Pantanal Tour - 4D / 3N

Pousada Rio Clarinho lodge / Pousada Neco Porto Jofre

Destination: Pantanal / Days: 4 days / 3 nights.

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Departure Cuiaba at 8:00 am after breakfast at your 4-star hotel, arriving in Pocone, gateway to the North Pantanal.  We will arrive at approximately 10 am.
The adventure begins with a photographic safari of 39.3 km . Along Transpantaneira Park Road and then 3 km along a private road until we reach Pousada Rio Clarinho Lodge.
Lunch will consist of the typical Mato Grosso hub, which will be served at noon.  After lunch, we will have a chance to rest .
In the late afternoon, when wildlife begins to resurface, we will take an ecological walk for about two and a half hours.
After dinner, which will be served 7:00 pm. Activity we will do a prominent night safari to search for animals of nocturnal habit, such as Anteaters, Raccoons, Owls and Tapirs, and observe Caimans using a strong flashlight to find, his eyes. 


Day 2:


Activities today will include car safari before sunrise.  After breakfast, we will continue with activity walking with canoe, where we can see otters, monkeys, countless species of birds, Capybara, Iguanas Anacondas e
After lunch, a short break for rest will continue our activity with an ecological walk lasting two and a half hours, returning to the Pousada at sunset.




Our day will start with a reinforced breakfast at 4:00 am before leaving for Porto Jofre is 110 km away .

Arriving in Porto Jofre we will do activity: motor boat ride leaving eight in the morning return to Pousada Rio Clarinho 15:00 hours we will have our meal on the boat, the boat is equipped with protection for, sun radio transmitter to help locate the famous Jaguar.  It is also possible to see monkeys, iguanas, anacondas, capybaras, otters, alligator, birds, buffalo and the indescribable Jaguar, the largest cat in the Americas.
We will return to the accommodation at 3 pm, on the way back to Pousada rio Clarinho on the transpantaneira Vomos to continue the photographic safari, on the way back, arriving at the Pousada for dinner.


Day 4:


Before breakfast activity: walk to see the sunrise of a tower of 20 masts, After breakfast activity: horseback riding. After lunch we will return to the city of Cuiaba arriving at approximately 3 pm.