Ecological walks are usually carried out on natural trails that run through various environments, such as: ciliary forest (riverside forest), in the woods/ mountain ranges (forests in higher areas), lagoon and open field. It is one of the walks in the Pantanal that has more contact with the flora of the region knowing its functions and importance for the balance of the Pantanal ecosystem, besides being a good opportunity to get closely to the animals, since there is no noise coming from engines of the cars or horses. If the Pantanal is in the period of flooding the walks will be made by flooded fields, with passage through the woods that serve as refuge for several species of birds and the famous Bugios (howler monkey). The duration of the ecological walk in the Pantanal is about 1h30min to 4h depending on group arrangement and climatic conditions. In some places it is possible to take night walks.

Piranha fishing.

Piranhas fishing is done in the rivers and streams of the Pantanal according to the environmental conditions and the characteristic of each jungle hotel. Most of the time is used motorboat to reach the best fishing spots. during the piranha fishing we using simple equipment.(bamboo stick with hook) and the bait are pieces of meat or even pieces of other piranhas. Depending on the jungle hotel, that's possible to prepare the piranhas for tasting. the piranha fishing  activity lasts up to 2/3 hours, and besides that  you will enjoy the scenery,sounds and smells of the forest.

Horse riding

The horseback riding is a typical tour in the Pantanal, that give you the same feeling as the pantaneiro has from above a horse. The horses are quiet and trained to ride with people who have never be ridde before, which means that even those who have never ridden on horseback can do this tour. There are several trails, with shorter or longer trails, which can be done all year around.The tours are accompanied by experienced local guides. It is a contemplation ride, where during the ridding we have a chance to see many typical Brazilian savannah animals, like armadillos, anteaters, deer, rheas(ostrich) and infinite variety of bird. The duration of the tour is about 1h30 to 3:00 hours that depending on the experience of the person and the location where the activity is performed. The horseback ride in the Pantanal is recommended to wear long trousers, preferably jean, boot or tennis, long sleeve shirt and hat or cap.

Night Safari

The Night Tours can be done by boat through the rivers or by jeep safari on the farm roads, according to the characteristics of each Pousada and the environmental conditions of the area. In this tour (by boat or jeep) a "spotlight" (powerful lantern) is used, which reflects to the eyes of the animals, show the best location of the animals of nocturnal habits such as alligators, owls, nightjar, wolves, spider crabs, etc. . The spotlight tour si up to approximately 2 to 3 hours in same farm the tour begins early the evening, the tour allowing the visitor to observe the beautiful sunset. At night we ca appreciate the starry sky of the Pantanal that is the wonderful attraction.

Bird watching

Increase your list of observed birds and be amazed by the wide variety of Pantaneira fauna. The Pantanal is a paradise for nature lovers, observers and photographers of birds and other animals, since there have been cataloged about 230 species of fish, 650 types of birds, 80 species of mammals and 50 reptiles. Bird watching is one of the most attractive activities of the Pantanal and can be done through hiking, jeep tours, boat trips, etc.
The duration of the tour varies up to 02hrs to 04 hours and the best time for bird watching is at sunrise and sunset, as they are the periods of greater movement of the fauna in general.

Boat ride

To carry out the motor boat trip can be used boats with seats varying the capacity of 04 or up to 50 people depending on the locality and the rivers where they are made. Some boats are covered and have 04-stroke engines that are quieter and less polluting, which increases the chances of sighting the Pantanal fauna. In this tour you will get to know the Pantanal rivers, all the beauty and exuberance of the ciliary forest with its centuries-old trees, natural habitat of birds, mammals and reptiles that shelter or simply enjoy the sounds and songs of birds. The boat trip allows a greater approximation with the fauna and aquatic flora, that is to say, depending on the time of year, there is a greater chance of seeing animals / birds. Depending on the time of year and the river you are visiting it is possible to make stops to swim and cool off from the heat. Usually the boat rides lasts from 2 to 3 hours, however it is possible to arrange day trips with picnic on Aguma River beach. You can take walks in various rivers and corbels of the Pantanal ..

Jeep Safari

​The photographic safari tour is done in an open truck and adapted to take walks, allowing the movement of large areas and different ecosystems, such as: access roads, open fields, cerrado, flooded areas, corixos and rivers. Usually on this tour you have a wide view of the landscape and you can see great diversity of the Pantanal fauna. This walk in the Pantanal lasts from 2 to 3 hours and is carried out very early or late in the afternoon, because in these periods the chances of animal observation are greater, since the ambient temperature is more pleasant, favoring the displacement of the fauna The region. On this tour you can observe deer, capybaras, alligators and many birds like the tuiuiú - bird symbol of the Pantanal. With luck you can see anteaters, anteaters and even the majestic jaguar.